AutoCAD Remove Virus Cambodia

How To Remove Virus Cambodia from AutoCAD AutoCAD Message: 24 Provinces and municipalties of Cambodia 01.Banteay Meanchey 02.Battambang 03.Kampong Cham ↓ 24….

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  1. envitech02

    Thanks for the advise. I followed your advise and the virus is gone!!

  2. jaicool242

    Ok :)

  3. demonfry

    I tried it.. deleted the files.. all those files are gone… emptied recycle bin.. restarted my computer.. but when i open AutoCAD i still get the message… then I search for addoc.fas again and its there.. I repeated this many times.. still got the message… addoc.fas has been deleted but comes back when I open AutoCAD… any more advice? I’m running AutoCAD 2012..

  4. jaicool242

    try search in hidden file|folder also

  5. beezwax10

    well,whats the name of the song ?

  6. 193Muslim

    I can’t thaaaank you enough..
    The problem has not been solved till I have searched the hidden folders.. I can’t believe that the message has been gone!

  7. MrKambin


  8. poormansrig

    Thanks a lot mate! 😀

  9. Jenny Galon

    my problem is that, i have lots of folders containing autocad files.
    should i find the hidden folders one by one?

  10. Nara Dina

    huh!!!! this virus is name from my country, there are 24 provinces
    thank for this video. i can delete it too.

  11. NOTy0urPUPPET

    If thats windows based its in the registry, you need to do a total wipeout/reinstall, good reason to always back up files, I saw a 1 terabite pocket drive @ walmart for 79.99

  12. Leakhena Setha

    it’s not working for me….deleted all the.fas files but cannot find the accod.fas or 1blockedSymbols. even in hidden folder. wasn’t able to work in days because of this thing!!

  13. Azizi Ikhwan

    same as me..I’m running AutoCAD 2007 before n easy to remove that virus but after used AutoCAD 2013,it’s hard to remove that same virus. it’s like they has another file like addoc.fas but in another type..

  14. Mohamad Zulikhram

    open command prompt in your PC, and type in
    del acaddoc.fas f/s/q/a
    then wait for a while. after that type in
    del 1BLockedSymbols.fas f/s/q/a
    good luck. i’ve tried this so many times in so many pc
    and it’s work. but be advice that this way only work in your current OS disk.
    try to search it manually in your USB device.

  15. Akash Jain

    thank u so much jaicool242

  16. vellowna

    thank you :)

  17. Jurukur Saharuddin

    Really works, TQVM… and also nice background music….derap… Thx…

  18. Q1991ify

    install anti virus kaspersky.then, scan your pc.

  19. Kemai Cuales

    Thanks!!! It works! 😀

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