Help: virus??????????????

Question by rolly polly: virus??????????????
on my pc their is dis small box popping up that says their is a virus next 2 the time their is a small icon and it pops up saying it i delted that program but y is it keep popping up

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Answer by MLM
You probably contracted malware. Follow the steps below:

Firstly update and run your anti-virus product. You can also run a free online scan as well as some malware can actually corrupt or disable your resident security products. Here are a few online scans you can run:
Trend –
Panda –
Norton –

Second download, update and run scans using the following products:
Spybot S&D (free version requires manual updating)
AVG AntiSpyware
Adaware from Lavasoft (free version requires automatic updating)

(These programs can be run in Safe Mode after downloading and updating)

Third, after cleaning your system, disable System Restore, reboot and re-enable System Restore when you log back on. This will clear the malware that may still be lurking in System Restore, which could be reinstalled should you need to rollback at some point. Additionally, a reboot may be required to complete the malware removal process.

Lastly, you may also want to install the following tool. It is free and requires you to check for and enable updates manually once a week or so. It uses no system resources.
SpywareBlaster (inoculates, not a spyware removal tool)
If you cannot get it removed after the above, you may want to join a tech group that specializes in providing manual instructions on malware eradication.

Free technical help forums

AumHa Forums
Bleeping Computers
Spybot S&D Forums
Lavasoft Forums
Spyware Info Forums

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  1. Chris

    One of the first things to do when you suspect malware is DISABLE System Restore.
    If enabled, this allows malware to hide in the computer and re-install itself.
    So, to disable it, RIGHT-click on “My Computer.” Select “Properties” then under the ‘System Restore’ tab, check ‘disable system restore’ IF not already checked.
    The next most helpful things that would help you are to use ONLINE scanners from websites to remove any malware on your PC.
    The current best online scanners I prefer are from Kaspersky antivirus and Bitdefender antivirus. Together, these 2 scanners will find ALL the bad stuff on your PC because they have the BEST detection rate.
    First, use Kaspersky’s. (FYI: ALL these scans require you to agree to a EULA and install an activex control which is needed to perform the scan, so agree to them all.)

    *NOTE: Some scanners ONLY work with IE or may not fully remove malware… (KAV)

    Then scan with:

    There are MANY other good online scanners which you may choose to also use (which will take longer but ensure safety):… (Windows Live Onecare)… (A-squared scanner)… (ewido)… (Spyware scan)… (Virus scan)… (Panda Antivirus)… (TrendMicro)… (Nod32 AV scan)… (F-secure AV scan)

    After using these, it’s ESSENTIAL to install at least 3 antispywares. Do NOT use more than 1 antiVIRUS as they conflict.

    The best things in life are FREE, and great free software can be found @: (Superantispyware FREE version) (Ad-aware) (A-squared FREE) (Spybot S&D) (SpywareBlaster, EULAlyzer, & MRU-Blaster) (Windows Defender) (AVG AV) (Avast AV) (Avira AV) (AOL Virus Shield, which is basically Kaspersky for free) (Tells you how safe websites are) (Peerguardian blocks malware, government, and anti-p2p org’s) (Top Notch Firewall) (Another Top Notch firewall) (Advanced Windows Care) (Safe Registry cleaner) (Junk file cleaner)

    Now if you can afford it, the best software to BUY are:

    Spy Sweeper
    Security Task Manager
    Norton AV (Takes a lot of CPU but it’s nice if you can afford to use those resources up)
    Nod32 AV
    Kaspersky AV (BEST! =D )
    Bitdefender AV
    Sophos AV
    F-secure (Same as Kaspersky)
    Linkscanner (Blocks exploits in real time)
    Advanced Uninstaller

    *One other thing to consider is using another browser besides Internet Explorer. IE has a lot of security holes,
    making it less safe than other browsers. I prefer Firefox from
    It’s just as easy to use and has a lot of neat little add-ons you can toy around with. By itself, it is also safer from exploits than IE.*

    As always, things will vary for you but I can assure you these things will help more than a lot.
    Some things you can use together and others you can’t. Some you will find harder to use or more ‘pretty.’
    Some may just not work for you and may be unfixable here on Yahoo Answers. I’m just here to help and hope the
    best for everybody. As always, others may disagree but there’s only one way to find things out—try it! As long
    as you always have an UPDATED AV, AS, & firewall, things will go ok. Oh! And use your head when browsing the net.
    Hope I was able to help and fix anything needed. If I have, please consider returning & leaving a nice comment and
    “Best Answer” to whomever you thinks deserves it…
    Chris 😉

  2. great one

    get adaware
    spybot s&d
    both are free
    get them up todate, reboot and do a full scan

  3. classic

    It sounds like a smitfrud infection. This is good for remov ing it. Its free and safe to use.

    SUPERAntiSpyware will remove ALL the Spyware, NOT just the easy ones!
    Easily remove over 100,000 pests such as SmitFraud, Vundo, WinFixer, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, WinAntiVirus, AntiVermins and thousands more!
    * You will probably recieve several answers to your question. Whoever helped you the most,please come back and give that person Best Answer.

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